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Providing Complete Stability With Just The Right Amount Of Flexibility

Posthorax Sternum Support Vest

For Patients After Open Heart Surgery

  • Results proven by 12 clinical trials including more than 12,000 patients.

  • Successfully applied in leading heart centers worldwide.


Why Posthorax?

Save costs and avoid financial penalties by reducing readmission and infection rates.

Allow patients to recover with less pain and anxiety.

Reduce the  risk of deep sternal wound infection by up to 76%



Early Mobilization
Reduction Of Pain

Research shows intake of pain medication slows down the healing process. Mechanical stabilization with the Posthorax sternum support vest reduces pain, consequently less drugs have to be administered and the healing process gets accelerated.

Embraced by the snug fit of Posthorax, patients experience less pain, less anxiety, and less stress regarding protection of the sternal wound. This increases patient confidence to engage in activity and rehabilitation.

Increased Patient Safety

Lack of strength and reduced alertness can be challenging factors during the process of patient recovery and rehabilitation. Worn around the clock for the duration of the bone healing process, the Posthorax sternum support vest protects the wound and fracture at all times.

Effective Sternal Protection

Ergonomically shaped support cushions are placed parallel on each side of the wound, covering the entire length of the sternum.  There is no contact with the wound itself. A plastic buckle closure on top and Velcro strip on the bottom allow fast and easy wound access for care personnel.

Enhanced Bone Healing

Bone healing requires correct alignment and immobilization of the fractured bone halves, adequate circulation and oxygen supply. A fractured arm or leg would simply require a cast. Since the thorax needs to be mobile to allow breathing function, a cast is not an option. Posthorax acts like a SMART cast. It takes on the stabilizing function needed for bone healing, while allowing just enough flexibility for the required deep breathing. The bone halves are protected at all times and the forming tissues do not get interrupted or broken.

Protecting Brittle Bones

Brittle bones due to age and osteoprosis pose an increased risk for wires cutting into the bone and causing the need for re-operation. The stability provided by Posthorax protects the healing bone tissues from sudden motions , preventing the wires from cutting or breaking.



"We have used the vest for more than   6 months in more than 500 patients.   We are very pleased with the results.   Our deep sternal infection rate   dropped by more than 70%."



                          -M.D. Ph.D. Hans Jonsson,
    Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm


"Since we treat all patients with the   Posthorax sternum vest it is a win for   all - we highly recommend Posthorax   to every heart center."



                 -Prim. Univ. Doz. M. Grabenwöger,
                 Heart Center Vienna, Austria


"Presenting the importance of stabilizing the sternum after open heart procedures. This study confirms that stabilizing the thorax in the dorsoventral axis prevents sternum dehiscence and infections."

                  -M.D. Ph. D. Michael Gorlitzer,
    Hietzing Heart Center, Vienna, Austria

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