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Posthorax Sternum Support Vest

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If Posthorax is not provided by your hospital you can purchase a vest privately by clicking here


The Posthorax vest is for patients after open-heart surgery.


  • Ergonomically designed for men and women.                                                

  • Worn day and night for 6-8 weeks while the sternum bone is healing.                                                

  • Provides constant support for the sternum bone. When fitted properly it will feel like a gentle hug.                                                                               

  • Worn directly on the skin or over a shirt.                                                         

  • Washable at home on low settings (not suitable for hospital laundry)                                                             

Sizing Guide

Sternum fracture

Patented support cushions run parallel to the sternum fracture

Just vest.png

Adjustable side bands ensure correct fit

  • Vest is adjustable to fit each patient (see size guide)                                        

  • Vest does not come in contact with sternal wound                                  

  • The sternal wound is not covered and remains visible                                    

  • Cushions help create anteroposterior stabilization (front to back)

Biomechanical Test Results

We did a biomechanical study on the Posthorax sternum support vest. We created a thorax model using sensors to test how much pressure was absorbed with each product as shown here.

We tested the pressure on the thorax when breathing, deep breathing, coughing and moving. For the full study with info about the thorax model and more please click HERE

posthorax results.png

Provides real stabilization

sideways vest.jpg
Not effective!
flexible bandage.png
Pressures not absorbed
flexible bandage results.png
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